What is a sponsorship? It is a strategic relationship between our company and individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations that we feel will benefit our brand in a significant way.

First and foremost we DO NOT offer full sponsorships. We will entertain partial sponsorships to individuals or groups that we feel will have an influential impact in the automotive community.

Sponsorships in today’s world has become synonymous with “hook up”. We give our best possible pricing with every sale Inquiry.

Individuals or groups that we elect to be awarded with a partial sponsorship will receive pricing just a little lower than our already low price in the market. It is a significant discount, however like every business we must cover our overhead and make profit to stay in business.

With a market flooded with wheel companies, we feel you will find our pricing very competitive regardless of “sponsorship” or not.

For those elected to receive a partial sponsorship we will provide branding materials in the form of decals and windshield banners.

What do we look for when awarding partial sponsorships? We look for high profile vehicles and individuals with strong online followings, notoriety throughout the automotive community, people who present themselves in a positive way that express genuine loyalty to our brand and not fishing for a “hook up”.

We do not actively award sponsorships to “under construction” vehicles, however that doesn’t mean that we won’t. If your vehicle is under construction, please contact us about partial sponsorships only when you are ready to spec your new wheels and are prepared to make a deposit on them.

If you feel that you will be a good addition to our growing family and can make a significant impact by promoting our products, please fill out the sponsorship form below.

Thank you.

– The Brada Team


Send us an email with this information:

Contact Information
* Your first and last name
* Your location
* Your email address
* Your phone number
Vehicle Information
* Car make, model, year, and trim (if applicable)
* Current photos
* Current modifications
* Future modifications
Additional Information

* Wheels you are interested in.
* Plans for exposure (What can you do for us?)
* social media username (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
*You must agree to these terms to be considered for sponsorship:*
You will display Brada Forged branding on my vehicle.
You will send Brada Forged high-resolution photos from a professional photographer.
You will attend at least 5 major car shows or events.
You will NEVER disclose sponsorship information, pricing, or any pertinent information to other parties .
You will NOT sell the wheels for at least one year after receiving them.

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