Brada Forged serves the point of ever lasting contradiction; That meeting point between luxury and motorsport. With a firm base in engineering, providing cutting edge technological advancement through computer aided design, Brada has mastered that argumentative point, that almost fractures the automotive community; form or function? Through usage of aerospace grade materials and engineering, you will now have the wheel that allows your vehicle to stop faster, corner better, and out accelerate the competition along with the sleek look that rivals the pinnacle auto maker’s most modern designs.

We are a custom wheel manufacturer, specializing in lightweight, performance wheels. Our products are engineered to perform, free up unsprung weight from your vehicle, improve handling, braking distance, and the visual appeal of your car. Anyone can make a strong wheel that is heavy, but we strive to be different, producing lightweight wheels that are just as strong without compromise. Our wheels are a perfect balance of function and form, balancing aesthetics and performance. We currently produce wheels in 14-30″ diameters, offer multiple wheel designs, options, colors, and finishes that are all done in house. Our wheels are hand-built using only the highest quality products. Not only are our products top-notch, but our customer service is as well. We provide updates to our customers on their wheels, sneak peeks along the build process, and we are always available to help with any questions and concerns. So, if you’re in the market for a unique set of performance wheels to enhance your vehicle’s performance and looks, then send us an email to:


(478) 955-3876