Warranty and Disclosures


Due to abuse of system, As of February 1st 2019:

Center forging structure Carries lifetime warranty against cracks or failures related to normal usage.*

Lips and barrels structure carries 1 year warranty against cracks and failures related to normal usage.*

Lip or barrel finish. NO WARRANTY/ NO EXCEPTIONS

Center disc finish 1 year warranty*

*Normal usage does not cover damage due to road hazard, excessive camber, modification of product.

*Finish of center disc normal usage does not cover road hazard, chemicals other than soap and water, or damage caused by tire machines, lug nut installation or removal.

Wheel Purchase and refund policy Disclaimer:

You are purchasing a custom made product. Manufacturing times can become extended at times for a variety of reasons. Most orders can be fulfilled between 8-10 weeks however some orders can take longer and the customer will be notified. There is no exception to this policy. We do not and cannot offer refunds for custom made wheels. Once the order is placed and confirmed, the sale is final and at no time will a refund, partial refund or credit card chargeback be honored. Credit card chargebacks will be contested and a signed copy of our policies will be included with our response to the credit card institution.

If a chargeback is filed after wheels have been received and signed for, Brada Forged will press criminal charges and seek financial restitution in civil court system.