Our Process


At Brada Forged performance and longevity is the hallmark of a great wheel. That is why we place a heavy emphasis on precision designing and expert craftsmanship, aiming to achieve the highest quality wheels in its class. This allows you to stand out from the rest.



To ensure perfect fitment, brake dimensions, and measurements are taken to give the engineers detailed schematics and data beforehand to maximize lip sizes. FEA strength testing is applied to each set of Brada Forged Wheels to ensure maximum performance and strength. The attention to detail is essential for laying a strong foundation for creating wheels that not only fits to your specific vehicle, but also performs to maximum effect.



Manufacturing the greatest wheels in the industry begins with nothing but the finest first-class raw materials, made in the USA. At Brada Forged we decided to use APP raw forgings throughout the full line of our forged production. APP is the same OEM forging supplier for supercar companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani, and Porsche. APP forgings are approximately 20% stronger than the traditional 6061-T6 aluminum. APP Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 aluminum forgings guarantee the highest quality and predicable grain structure and are TUV and AS9100-C certified.



The key step in manufacturing a forged wheel is lathe turning. The raw forging is lathe-turned from the front and rear, creating a profile that maximizes concavity depending on the application of the final wheel. In this step over 70% of the original material is removed, utilizing the most weight reduction.



Once the perfect profile is completed, the wheels are then turned over to the mill. This is where designs come to life as the mill cycles through a series of pre-selected tool sets and milling paths to remove as little as 0.02” of material per pass to achieve the utmost precision.




Raw Form.

After the CNC process is completed, each section of raw milled aluminum needs to go through many stages of hand filing, deburring, buffing and polishing before it is ready for its ultimate finish. This is a vital stage for our craftsmen to prep each wheel before its coating. After each wheel is filed and sculpted the wheels go through a detailed check list with no compromises on quality.




Our preparation stage ensures high-luster transparent coatings and brushed finishes that are achieved on all of our wheels. Now, these wheels with brushed and high-luster combinations will pass through an ultra-sonic cleaner upwards of seven times before the final coat is applied. Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound and proper cleaning solvents to clean the wheels. Cleaning can exceed up to 20 minutes per wheel in this stage to ensure the highest quality finishes.




From ceramic polishing to powder coating, all Brada Forged wheels maintain industry-leading quality by monitoring every step of the process with zero compromises. The most time-consuming-yet-rewarding part of the finishing process is brushing and polishing. Offered as premium options in every Brada Forged line, brushed and polished wheels reveal the beauty and details in the design. At Brada Forged we are always learning new ways in achieving the utmost beautiful finishes in our industry. From 24k real gold plating to hand laid Carbon Fiber in any weave pattern you desire.



Quality Control.

At Brada Forged no wheel will pass our quality control stage unless it falls below 0.015″ (15 thousandths of an inch). While industry standard complies within 0.030″ (30 thousandths of an inch), we are consistently testing run outs to within 0.007″ (7 thousandths of an inch) to ensure no wheel vibration at high speeds. This allows you to maximize your vehicles full performance potential. Every wheel at Brada Forged is packaged using the highest quality packaging materials all made in the USA. Our boxes are engineered to be at 275 pounds per square inch burst testing with double wall technology; while the industry standard boxes are 200 pounds per square inch single wall. At Brada Forged we are dedicated to producing not only wheels, but also a lifestyle that reflects a passion for creativity and a desire for delivering the finest wheel in its class.